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View Standings for YAC Inhouse Leagues 


  click here to view YAC Inhouse Basketball Standings

- This will bring you to the Standings page

- Go to the right side of the page where there will be a “Change Team” label and three list boxes

- Season - select "Inhouse Basketball 2015 / 2016" 

- League - select your league:

      - "Junior Division 15/16"   - for 5th / 6th grade

      - "Senior Division 15/16"  - for 7th / 8th grade  

      - "High Division 15/16"     - for 9th to 12th grade  

- Team - select your team (Duke)  

- To view an individual team's record, click on the team in the "Standings" section




by j r posted 12/21/2015
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